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Honest History promotes balanced consideration of Australian history by offering contesting, evidence-based interpretations to students, teachers, universities, journalists and the public. We challenge the misuse of history to serve political or other agendas.

Why is the Council of the Australian War Memorial so full of brass? David Stephens asks an important question about representativeness

Gary Werskey reviews Margaret Hutchison’s Painting War: A History of Australia’s First World War Art Scheme

Andrew Richardson reviews Jeff Grey: A Life in History, edited by Peter Stanley

David Stephens reviews Franklivin-in-hope-large-1 Byrne’s Living in Hope, winner of the Most Underrated Book Award 2018

Geoff Davies in Pearls and Irritations on Lest we also forget: pushing back against our ‘timorous national adolescence

Peter Cochrane replies to Marilyn Lake’s ABR review of Best We Forget: The War for White Australia, 1914-18

9780143793335Alison Broinowski reviews Island off the Coast of Asia: Instruments of Statecraft in Australian Foreign Policy, by Clinton Fernandes

Margaret Pender reviews The Bulldog Track, a World War II survival story, by Peter Phelps

Tjanara Goreng Goreng reviews Remembering the Myall Creek Massacre (Lydon and Ryan, ed.)

Pamela Burton reviews Adam Wakeling’s Stern Justice, on the Japanese war crimes trials after World War II

Peter Stanley reviews Peter Cochrane’s Best We Forget: The War for White Australia, 1914-18

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Australia is more than Anzac – and always has been